Springer Creek: Worth Protecting!


Relation of proposed Hydro Project to Recreation Area

SCRAPA does not accept that it is necessary for the Village of Slocan to alter the beauty and majesty of Springer Creek Canyon in making the transition from a resource economy. Instead we believe that the greatest benefit would follow from permanent protection of the Canyon, coupled with fish habitat restoration of the Creek’s outflow at Slocan Lake.  Because of the Creek’s special character and its enormous potential for sustainable development, SCRAPA cannot support the Village’s run-of-the river hydro-electric project.

The map on the right shows the main components of the micro-hydro proposal, and how much the recreation area will be impacted.  The value of recreation in and around Slocan has never been the subject of any formal studies.  Our project to map the recreation trails of the lower Springer Creek watershed, was intended as a baseline for future studies of the recreation potential of the area.

Location of Powerhouse (tailstock)

Location of proposed Powerhouse (tailstock)

As you can see from the map, it is very easy to walk to the location of  the proposed generating station, or powerhouse.  Here is a picture taken of the location in July 2014.

Location of Intake (headstock)

Location of proposed Intake (headstock)

Visiting the site of the proposed intake, or headstock, takes more effort since the terrain is rugged and the trail leading up the Creek from above the Canyon is rudimentary.  If you do visit, let us know about your experience.  And exercise extreme caution!  Some of the trails on the East side of the Highway are steep and feature steep drops into the Canyon.

DSC00618 (Large)

One of many gorgeous pools below the proposed point of diversion.