Springer Creek Canyon


The area around Springer Creek is a place of outstanding beauty and spirituality.

But in the steep areas east of the highway,  it is also a place of rugged, hazardous terrain. The walls of the Springer Creek Canyon feature sheer drops of 30m or more, and there is currently no protective infrastructure such as barriers or warning signage. All users are encouraged to exercise extreme caution. Pets and small children are not recommended in the more rugged areas.

With a donation from the Columbia Basin Watershed Network, SCRAPA has recently mapped the recreation trails of the Springer Creek area in collaboration with Selkirk College Geospatial Research Centre.

Trails west of the highway are easy and well-maintained, and there are two bridges across the Creek.

Trails on the east side are often steep and may be blocked by fallen trees.  Watch for loose rocks and earth, tree roots and other natural obstacles.

For your safety, please stay on trails.  Hiking off designated trails, particularly along the edge of the Creek could result in injury.  We recommend that cyclists wear helmets, other protective gear, and ride slowly with care.

Printed copies of a trail map brochure are available from SCRAPA by donation:

Size: 1 mb  1350 × 2200

Size: 1 mb
1350 × 2200

Click here for Photo Gallery of south access.

Click here for Photo Gallery of north access.

Disclaimer: People who use these descriptions and trail maps do so entirely at their own risk. Springer Creek Restoration and Preservation Alliance (SCRAPA) disclaims any liability for death, injury or other damage that may be sustained by anyone using the information, trails and/or routes obtained from the SCRAPA website. There are inherent personal risks and potential hazards in traveling these areas and any portion of a trail may be unsafe. Some of the areas described and mapped on the website are extremely hazardous. The trails can be difficult and physically challenging; accidents, injuries and deaths are possible. While SCRAPA makes reasonable efforts to provide accurate information, conditions may change due to weather and other factors. It is up to users of these trails to learn the necessary skills for safe use of these areas.


SCRAPA welcomes questions and comments. Please contact us at springer.creek.restoration@gmail.com or on facebook.

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