Size:  837 kb  1433 × 1073From sub-alpine ridges all the way to the beach at Slocan Lake, Springer Creek has great recreation opportunities.

A network of easy walking trails leads from  the Village of Slocan to the base of the remarkable Springer Creek Canyon.  From here, a network of more challenging (and hazardous) hiking and biking trails provides access to an area of beautiful waterfalls and viewpoints.  Local mountain bikers ride up Springer Creek Road, then descend by trails on the Creek’s south side that link up with the walking trails below the Highway.

Vehicle access is very good.  Not everyone has the ability or inclination to experience the rugged alpine beauty of Valhalla Provincial Park by hiking to its stunning lakes or scaling its majestic peaks. But the best landscape views of of the southern Valhalla peaks are from the opposite side of the Slocan Valley accessed via Springer Creek Forest Service Road:

composite for web with labels

Southern Valhalla Peaks: click for larger image with labels

This composite picture with labels for major peaks and creeks, taken at approximately 49° 48’N, 117° 27′ E, a point on the bluffs above Slocan Lake, demonstrates the remarkable vistas to be had less than an hour’s drive up the Springer Creek watershed.

The smaller roads up Springer Creek also provide  ATV and snowmobile access to numerous historic mining sites.  One site, privately owned, is the Ore Processor located only 3 km from the Highway.  It is a remarkable structure where ore from a variety of mines was processed before being shipped away to be smelted.

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