Lower Springer Creek

From Highway 6 to Slocan Lake


Below the Highway, Springer Creek flows first through a forest with easy walking trails and a campground, through the picturesque Village of Slocan and finally into the southern end of Slocan Lake.  Here the public beach and park provide many recreation opportunities as well as unrivaled landscape views north towards Valhalla Provincial Park. A boat launch and breakwater built in 2006 provide motorized access to the Lake.

Since 2013 the family-oriented Unity Music Festival has been held on this remarkably beautiful site every summer.



millsiteIn Summer of 2013 the community learned that the saw mill, which had operated since the 1960’s (most recently as Springer Creek Forest Products) was to be removed.  Demolition was carried out from Fall of 2013 to November 2014. Virtually all above ground structures have been removed, but since the site is still in the process of being decommissioned, the degree of contamination remains uncertain.

SCRAPA members would like to see fish habitat and riparian zone restoration of the entire lower portion of Springer Creek including the outflow into the Lake.  For this reason, and because of the central role that the former mill site could play in email.under millsocial and economic development, SCRAPA supports a community process leading to a development plan.  To pursue this aim, a new organization has formed:  Slocan Waterfront Restoration and Development Society (SWRDS).  This society is grappling with the complexities of trying to encourage development of a privately owned site with unknown levels of pollution, and it welcomes inquiries and proposals involving public, private or community investment.  For information on the group’s activities, please send a message to slocanwaterfrontsociety@gmail.com.


Any news on the waterfront will be reported on the blog, as well as on the SCRAPA face book page and twitter account.

SCRAPA welcomes questions and comments. Please contact us at springer.creek.restoration@gmail.com or on facebook.

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